Friday, September 12, 2008

Give your gaming comp an edge

After spending thousands of rupees on the cabinet for gaming computer one does think much about the sounds which is vital part of any gaming machine ,check the latest product from creative :

Enhance Your Music, Games and Movies With Xtreme Fidelity!

The Sound Blaster X-Fi Elite Pro features professional-quality digital-to-analog converters (DACs) with 116dB SNR, plus an I/O module with a comprehensive selection of connectivity for audio creation with easy-to-use control knobs for the X-Fi 24-bit Crystalizer, X-Fi CMSS- 3D (Creative Multi-Speaker Surround), 3DMIDI, and EAX. The Sound Blaster X-Fi Elite Pro also features 64MB of on-board X-RAM - audio memory dedicated to higher gaming audio quality and performance, in addition to a built-in pre-amp for direct recording, and high-impedance inputs for electric guitars. The "top of the line" Sound Blaster X-Fi solution, the Elite Pro includes all of the standard features, application software, power and performance capabilities of the entire family of Sound Blaster X-Fi cards (described below), in one ultimate solution.

Harness the full power of Sound Blaster X-Fi™ Elite Pro by selecting one of its 3 usage modes:

  • Audio Creation Mode
  • Gaming Mode
  • Entertainment Mode

  • Audio Creation Mode
    For Xtreme Fidelity Home-Studio Music Recording & Creation

    Audio Creation Mode

  • Highest quality, most feature-rich recording available in its class!
  • Sound Blaster X-Fi Elite Pro delivers the highest fidelity of all the X-Fi products, delivering pristine 116dB SNR audio playback quality. In addition you will enjoy recording capabilities up to 96kHz and playback of up to 192kHz, plus advanced features and effects for music and audio creation.

  • Advanced Audio Conversion Engine.
  • Advanced Audio Conversion Engine.Sound Blaster X-Fi features an SRC (Sample Rate Conversion) engine that is 300 times more precise than the previous Sound Blaster solutions and can convert any audio to any resolution at near transparency with 136dB THD+N, providing you the freedom to record at your preferred resolution without concerning yourself with the final output quality. Sound Blaster X-Fi also supports digital-matched recordings in resolutions from 44.1kHz to 96kHz.

  • Lowest Latency ASIO Recording.
  • ASIOYou'll get ASIO recording with latency as low as one millisecond and zero CPU load for the most precise audio recording capabilities in any class!

  • Advanced Features and Effects for Music and Audio Creation.
  • X-Fi 24-bit CrystalizerX-Fi 24-bit Soundfont

    Sound Blaster X-Fi supports up to eight different 24-bit hardware effects, all of which are accessible through the special Audio Creation Mode Interface and can be used with any of the inputs.

    You will also enjoy unprecedented hardware synthesis capabilities with 24-bit SoundFont sampling!

    For the first time, create multichannel MIDI content with 3D MIDI.


    Gaming Mode
    For Ultimate Gaming Performance & Maximum Realism

    Gaming Mode

  • Sound Blaster X-Fi Elite Pro delivers the fastest gaming performance ever!
  • The Creative X-Fi Audio Processor delivers the fastest ever gaming performance with an average performance boost of more than 15%! And with X-Fi CMSS-3D, you'll know exactly where your enemies are whether you're using headphones or speakers. EAX ADVANCED HD 5.0 will make your games more life-like than ever before and with X-Fi 24-bit Crystalizer you'll experience real-time enhancement of all your gaming audio to 24-bit quality for the most dynamic and pristine gaming audio ever!


    Entertainment Mode
    For Xtreme Fidelity™ Music & Movies

    Entertainment ConsoleX-Fi 24-bit Crystalizer

  • X-Fi 24-bit Crystalizer enhances MP3s & Movies to sound better than they do on their original CD or DVD.
  • The Creative X-Fi Xtreme Fidelity audio processor puts your music and movie audio through a two-step quality enhancement process. First it converts the audio into 24-bit/96kHz quality, then it remasters and selectively enhances the audio by analyzing and identifying which parts of the audio stream have been restricted/damaged during the compression stages to 16-bit and then to MP3. The result is music that sounds cleaner, smoother and has more sparkle, and movies that sound more realistic than ever before!

    X-Fi CMSS-3D

  • X-Fi CMSS-3D allows user to upgrade their MP3 music & stereo movies into surround sound over headphones or multichannel speakers.
  • Enjoy your stereo MP3s and movies in surround sound with X-Fi CMSS-3D technology! The Creative X-Fi audio processor intelligently remixes the audio into surround sound to match the speaker system you have (including headphones). It also uses advanced techniques to extract specific audio elements, like voice to the center channel and ambience to the surrounding channels, so your music and movies sound more alive than ever before!


  • SuperRip allows you to rip your CDs in Xtreme Fidelity.
  • Sound Blaster X-Fi uses the X-Fi 24-bit Crystalizer & X-Fi CMSS-3D features to "SuperRip" CD's into Xtreme Fidelity quality. You can now enjoy permanently enhanced music instead of low-quality MP3 files!

  • Enjoy the latest cinematic technologies for the ultimate PC movie experience!
  • Experience incredible audio with THX certified quality and unbeatable movie sound with DTS-ES™ and Dolby® Digital EX decoding!

    THX CertifiedDTSDolby Digital EX

    Creative headphone which can perform more then bose.....

    Introducing the Creative Aurvana X-Fi® headphones, the world's first noise-canceling headphones equipped with X-Fi technology. The noise-cancellation feature lets you enjoy your music without unnecessary distractions and together with the X-Fi technology, gets you set for more thrilling tunes. Change the way you listen to your music, movies and games with the Aurvana X-Fi today.

    Experience X-Fi technology

    X-Fi Xtreme Fidelity

    X-Fi technology breathes life into your songs by restoring detail and expanding your music and movies to surround sound.
    Crystal clear audio with X-Fi Crystalizer

    Hear every detail

    X-Fi Crystalizer® technology restores the detail and vibrancy to your compressed music and movies. All the highs and lows are intelligently enhanced, ensuring you hear everything in crystal clear clarity.
    Steller surround sound with CMSS-3D

    Cinematic effects

    X-Fi CMSS-3D® technology expands your stereo MP3s and digital movies into virtual surround sound over the headphones. Voices are centered in front of you and ambient sounds are moved all around you.
    Noise-cancellation technology reduces noise significantly

    Experience no disturbance

    The noise-cancellation technology significantly reduces background and environment noise by up to 90 per cent. Get to enjoy undisturbed music wherever you are. You can even detach the audio cable and continue using the headphones to block out noise while you sleep.
    Dynamic sound with 40mm Neodymium drivers

    Performance audio drivers

    Large 40mm Neodymium drivers are acoustically-tuned to produce an accurate and linear response, be it for music or movie enjoyment. Now you can achieve natural and dynamic sound reproduction easily.
    Bundled accessories for easy listening

    Listen to it anywhere

    With its wide range of bundled accessories, you can now connect your headphones to the seat socket of the airplane, your home entertainment system, MP3 players, iPod® and even the iPhone™.
    Easy storage with included travel case

    Easy storage

    No worries on where to keep your headphones. You can easily place them and all the bundled accessories into the included travel case and bring it along with you wherever you go!

    Creative inspire T6100

    Full spectrum audio from two-way design speakers
    Listen to your audio in vibrant color. The tweeter adds detail to the cymbals, triangles and other high-end frequencies while acoustic guitars and pianos gain warmth and character, thanks to the high performance mid-range driver that can recreate a realistic live audio experience for vocals and music.
    More power and depth More power and depth
    Designed exclusively to produce the lower range of audible frequencies, such as the bass, this powerful subwoofer packs 26 Watts RMS to enhance the two-way performance, giving more power and depth for your musical enjoyment.
    Clear dialogue / Engaging surround experience Engaging surround experience
    Never miss a word of what your onscreen characters are talking about for the powerful center speaker ensures you hear every word or whisper uttered. Experience realistic 5.1 surround environmental and positional audio from the rear left and right speakers for surround gaming and movie playback.
    Rear Left and Right Speakers Rear left and right speakers
    These provide the environmental and positional audio for surround gaming and movie playback, providing an enveloping effect that lets you experience a realistic 5.1 surround sound.
    Flared port for lower and cleaner bass response Flared port for lower and cleaner bass response
    With a bass unit that is fine-tuned to ensure the smoothest passage of air-flow - the result speaks for itself. Enjoy a cleaner and more even bass response.
    Easy Controls for Private Listening Easy controls for private listening
    Plug in your favorite headphones and enjoy your music without disturbing those around you. The convenient power and volume control makes it easy to control your music.
    Small footprint / Magnetically-shielded Small footprint and magnetically-shielded
    Maximize your area for optimal performance. The small satellite footprint enables easy placement anywhere, you can even mount them onto the wall. Or if you prefer place them near your desktop or TV, the magnetically-shielded satellites would not cause any undue interference.

    Microsoft'e new mouse

    Microsoft lays claim to the most advanced tracking technology in the world (for mice, at least), the Microsoft BlueTrack Technology. What’s so special about this, you ask? Well, it enables consumers to take use their mice just about anywhere they like without worrying about the type of surface. This makes me remember of the good old days when owning a mousepad factory was still profitable - optical and laser technology have since advanced pretty far, although laser still doesn’t do glass. This is where BlueTrack comes in handy - it offers the precision of laser tracking on just about any surface, ranging from a granite kitchen countertop to the living room carpet. As to why you’re mousing on either surface

    Lumix DMC-G1 is the world’s smallest D-SLR

    Most of you already know that I am always instantly skeptical whenever some new product comes out saying that it is the world’s smallest or lightest, and Panasonic says that the Lumix DMC-G1 is both the smallest and lightest D-SLR.

    So how small and light is the Lumix DMC-G1? For starters, the camera itself is based on a new Micro Four Thirds System standard, which completely removes the need for an internal mirror structure. Not only does this new system standard reduce the camera’s size by half, its decreases the weight of the Lumix DMC-G1 to 385 grams.

    The DMC-G1 is a 12.1 megapixel camera that has several other features including Intelligent Exposure, Mega O.I.S., Intelligent Scene Selector, AF Tracking, Face Detection, Live MOS, My Color Mode, as well as an HDMI output.

    Buy the lastest laptop with Intel® Centrino® 2 with vPro for your needs

    This is the processor which can overcome the owning a mobile and laptop both for your needs ,this processor has build in wireless chip ...

    Keep your workforce more secure, managed, and mobile. With security and manageability built right onto the chip, Intel® Centrino® 2 with vPro™ technology provides hardware-assisted remote isolation, diagnostics, and repair, so you can manage your mobile workforce remotely, even if the system's OS is unresponsive.¹ And with exceptional dual-core performance, 5X better wireless performanceΩ and the longest possible battery life.²

    Now you can also get notebooks with Intel Centrino 2 with vPro technology in astonishingly thin and light packages. As the smallest version of Intel® Centrino® processor technology yet-50 percent smaller-you're most mobile workforce can enjoy the sleekest full-featured and performance packed notebooks³ along with improved energy efficiency and power savings.°

    Much awaited I touch in india ...

    The wait for all the gizmo freaks is going to come to an end today midnight, No I’m not talking about RGV’s new movie release Phoonk. I’m talking about the much awaited gizmo - Apple’s iPhone. Yes. it’s going to be launched in India for the first time today midnight. India is going to see the first official iPhone and that too in it’s 3G avatar. Isn’t that great?

    The iPhone being launched in India is 3GB enabled and comes in two bundles, 8GB and 16GB. Vodafone has announced that it will be launching the Indian versions at Rs. 31,000 for 8GB and Rs. 36,500 grand for 16GB which happens to be much more expensive than $199 what is offered in the USA. Airtel too is offering the iPhone at somewhat similar price range.

    Branded Laptop/Desktop Drivers

    Some of the branded systems are given below. Click on the brand that you have and download the drivers. The other brands will be updated as soon as possible.

    Dell HP Toshiba Samsun Acer IBM Compaq Lenovo

    Please click on the label Technology below and you can see the other types of Drivers also.

    Air car which can go to a top speed of 100 Km ....

    A vehicle powered by compressed air offers a lot of advantages in comparison with a normal combustion engine or an electrical motor.

    The idea of using compressed air as an energy vector can, for example, also by applied to a hybrid vehicle, with cylinders functioning on compressed air and an additional battery working on electricity, creating a vehicle powered solely on electrical-pneumatic propulsion.

    Advantages of vehicles powered by compressed air:

    * The costs involved to compress the air to be used in a vehicle are inferior to the costs involved with a normal combustion engine.
    * Air is abundant, economical, transportable, storable and, most importantly, nonpolluting.
    * The technology involved with compressed air reduces the production costs of vehicles with 20% because it is not necessary to assemble a refrigeration system, a fuel tank, spark plugs or silencers.
    * Air itself is not flammable
    * The mechanical design of the motor is simple and robust
    * It does not suffer from corrosion damage resulting from the battery.
    * Less manufacturing and maintenance costs.
    * The tanks used in an air compressed motor can be discarded or recycled with less contamination than batteries.
    * The tanks used in a compressed air motor have a longer lifespan in comparison with batteries, which, after a while suffer from a reduction in performance.

    Yamaha set to release world's quickest motorcycle

    June 4, 2008 Yamaha yamaha will release what is expected to be the world's quickest accelerating production motorcycle motorcycle at a press conference later today in Madrid. The production 2009 V-Max will come almost 25 years after the original and groundbreaking 1200cc monster custom was first seen, and is expected to be almost identical to the concept machine shown at the 2007 Paris and Tokyo Shows. With an 1800cc fuel injected motor, the new V-Max will produce 210 bhp and feature state-of-the-art everything.

    Honda to launch small car in 2009

    Honda will bring out small car next year. The car will be manufactured at its factory in Rajasthan. The company has already invested Rs 1,000 crore at the production center. Japanese car Manufacturer Company sees a huge potential in Indian market for its cars. According to Honda source the new car would primarily be meant for the domestic market.

    Jnaneswar Sen, VP (Marketing) Honda Siel Cars India, commenting on the company's decision said that the company will bring a premium hatchback (an automobile having a sloping back with a hinged rear door that opens upward) by the last quarter of next year. The small car named Jazz would face tough competition from other small cars, which are plenty in India.

    Expect ,Fiat is all set to launch car models by end of 2009 in india

    Fiat Palio 1.3
    The Fiat Palio 1.3 Stile hatchback is powered by the superior 1.3 Multijet engine, the same one that works in the award-winning Suzuki Swift DDiS model. It has a price tag of around Rs 4.5 lakh and is supposed to be the short-term model for Fiat in India, before the launch of all-new Palio based on the previous generation Punto floorpan around 2009.

    Fiat Grande Punto
    One of the leading cars of Europe, the Fiat plans to launch the Grand Punto in India as well. Not only is the car comfortable and spacious, it is powered by the multijet engine for excellent performance. Priced at Rs 5-5.5 lakhs, this car is sure to make all prospective buyers reach for their cheque books as soon as possible.

    Fiat Linea
    Based on the concept of the Punto, the Fiat Linea is another car which is at par with excellence. It offers a very smooth ride, decent performance and the fuel economy is worth applauding for. This car will be priced at approximately Rs 7.5 - 8 lakhs, making it quite a steal.

    Fiat Alfa
    This is one such car that can easily compete against BMW 3 Series, Mercedes C-Class and the Audi A4 in India. Complete with sleek exteriors and comfortable interiors, the Alfa will make automobile lovers and critics smile with pride. It will be introduced with quite a heavy price tag of around Rs. 28 lakhs and its sale will hugely depend on Indian road conditions and the company’s service back-up.

    BAJAJ 300CC Pulsar

    This is image of the pulsar 300CC on the internet......

    HONDA'S new bike in town:

    CBF Stunner motorcycles will be available in three vresions - Self Disc Alloy (Price Rs 51,655), Self Drum Alloy (Price: Rs 49,820) and Kick Drum Alloy (Price: Rs 47,070). At this point, Honda will offer the Stunner CBF in red, black, metallic silver and yellow colours.

    Lookswise, you could call it a mini-Karizma. It looks like a well-put together package for sure. We think it looks the best in yellow, the bright colour nicely contrasting with the matte black handlebars and black front fairing.

    Basic specifications of the Honda Stunner CBF are as follows:

    125cc, 11 bhp
    Kerb Weight: 129 kg
    Wheelbase: 1271mm
    Fuel tank capacity: 10 litres

    Tubeless tryes
    Front 80/100-17 and Rear: 100/90-77
    Front Brakes: 240mm Disc or 130mm Drum
    Rear Brake: 130mm drum

    Starting: Kickstart / Electric

    5 speed transmission
    Trip meter

    Suzuki to launch Hayabusa in India

    Now, Japanese auto giant Suzuki will bring the Hayabusa motorcycle to India. The Hayabusa - official nomenclature is GSX 1300R - will pave the way for Suzuki’s foray into the superbike segment in India. Competition, however, has already arrived in the shape of Yamaha and Ducati motorcycles in India.

    Powered by a 1340cc in line 4 cylinder engine, the Suzuki Hayabusa is likely to sport a price tag of Rs 11 lakh. The launch of the bike is expected in the first week of September 2008. Suzuki will also launch a second superbike, the GSX-R 1000 by November.

    Although boasting of a top speed of 397 km per hour as per recorded figures, the bike that will come to India will have a speed limit of 299 km per hour. We think that the higher figure here is from some world record attempts, while 299 kmph would be the official top speed. Do keep in though that superbike or not, speed limits in most parts of India are at 60 kmph, and may go up to 100 kmph on some of the expressways.

    Suzuki expects only a sale of around 150 units of the Hayabusa in India per annum

    How can I block certain websites from Mozilla Firefox?

    Please install this addon to your Mozilla browser and stay away from the adult websites :

    How to remove antivirus 2008 from your computer:

    Antivirus2008 manual removal:
    Kill processes:
    AntiVirus2008.exe AntvrsInstall.exe AntvrsInstall[1].exe Antvrs.exe
    how to kill malicious processes

    Delete registry values:
    HKEY_USERS\Software\antivirus 2008
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce "3P_UDEC"
    Microsoft\Code Store Database\Distribution Units\3BA4271E-5C1E-48E2-B432-D8BF420DD31D
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run "Antivirus"
    how to remove registry entries

    Unregister DLLs:
    shlwapi.dll, wininet.dll
    how to unregister malicious DLLs

    Delete files:
    shlwapi.dll, wininet.dll, AntiVirus2008.exe, Uninstall Antivirus.lnk, AntiVirus 2008.lnk, AntvrsInstall.exe, AntvrsInstall[1].exe, AntiVirus 2008.lic, Antvrs.exe
    how to remove harmful files

    Delete directories:
    %ProgramFiles%\ANTIVIRUS 2008

    Honda cars: ignition key cylinder and switch as the previous one jammed

    Problem :I had to change the ignition key cylinder and switch as the previous one jammed. The replacement was off a 2002 model (I believe). The key seems to work OK and the starter cranks the motor but I cannot get the engine to start, not even a peep. Everything worked fine before the key replacement.
    Is there a compatibility problem? The only thing that is now strange (IIRC) is in the display warning lights, I now see a green key and also the red brake light warning.

    Honda keys are programmed once,so cannot use it on other cars:the cheapest solution was to add a keyless entry(~$100 if equipped with power door locks, other wise replace key cylinder from dealer ship, usually Honda can reprogram the keys with a hand held unit for a 1 hour labor charge (~ $100).

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