Friday, September 12, 2008

Much awaited I touch in india ...

The wait for all the gizmo freaks is going to come to an end today midnight, No I’m not talking about RGV’s new movie release Phoonk. I’m talking about the much awaited gizmo - Apple’s iPhone. Yes. it’s going to be launched in India for the first time today midnight. India is going to see the first official iPhone and that too in it’s 3G avatar. Isn’t that great?

The iPhone being launched in India is 3GB enabled and comes in two bundles, 8GB and 16GB. Vodafone has announced that it will be launching the Indian versions at Rs. 31,000 for 8GB and Rs. 36,500 grand for 16GB which happens to be much more expensive than $199 what is offered in the USA. Airtel too is offering the iPhone at somewhat similar price range.


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