Friday, September 12, 2008

Suzuki to launch Hayabusa in India

Now, Japanese auto giant Suzuki will bring the Hayabusa motorcycle to India. The Hayabusa - official nomenclature is GSX 1300R - will pave the way for Suzuki’s foray into the superbike segment in India. Competition, however, has already arrived in the shape of Yamaha and Ducati motorcycles in India.

Powered by a 1340cc in line 4 cylinder engine, the Suzuki Hayabusa is likely to sport a price tag of Rs 11 lakh. The launch of the bike is expected in the first week of September 2008. Suzuki will also launch a second superbike, the GSX-R 1000 by November.

Although boasting of a top speed of 397 km per hour as per recorded figures, the bike that will come to India will have a speed limit of 299 km per hour. We think that the higher figure here is from some world record attempts, while 299 kmph would be the official top speed. Do keep in though that superbike or not, speed limits in most parts of India are at 60 kmph, and may go up to 100 kmph on some of the expressways.

Suzuki expects only a sale of around 150 units of the Hayabusa in India per annum

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