Friday, September 12, 2008

Air car which can go to a top speed of 100 Km ....

A vehicle powered by compressed air offers a lot of advantages in comparison with a normal combustion engine or an electrical motor.

The idea of using compressed air as an energy vector can, for example, also by applied to a hybrid vehicle, with cylinders functioning on compressed air and an additional battery working on electricity, creating a vehicle powered solely on electrical-pneumatic propulsion.

Advantages of vehicles powered by compressed air:

* The costs involved to compress the air to be used in a vehicle are inferior to the costs involved with a normal combustion engine.
* Air is abundant, economical, transportable, storable and, most importantly, nonpolluting.
* The technology involved with compressed air reduces the production costs of vehicles with 20% because it is not necessary to assemble a refrigeration system, a fuel tank, spark plugs or silencers.
* Air itself is not flammable
* The mechanical design of the motor is simple and robust
* It does not suffer from corrosion damage resulting from the battery.
* Less manufacturing and maintenance costs.
* The tanks used in an air compressed motor can be discarded or recycled with less contamination than batteries.
* The tanks used in a compressed air motor have a longer lifespan in comparison with batteries, which, after a while suffer from a reduction in performance.

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