Monday, September 15, 2008

AMD to Pitch Athlon Against Atom

Come November and we'll be able to see the first glimpses of AMD's new Ultra Value Client (UVC) processors. Recent revelations seem to point towards a revamped UVC line-up to take on Intel's Atom processors. The 1.6 GHz Atom 230 and the upcoming dual core 330 will see competition in the form of the single core Athlon 2650e and the dual core Athlon 3250e. Paired with AMD'S 740 chipsets, the 3250e is expected to be out early Q4.

The recently leaked slides from AMD also indicate that their processors perform far better than Intel's Atom -- which according to AMD, is incapable of offering a "traditional PC user experience". The UVC chips would only be sold to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and given the performance advantage that the Athlon has over the Atom, there's no doubt these chips are capable of posing a serious challenge to the Atom twins. Also in pipeline are the Bobcat series of processors aimed at Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs). However, it is suspected that the lukewarm reception for MIDs by the public in general has delayed the release of the Bobcat series.

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